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Friday, January 16, 2009

peace gathering~

tertarik dgn email yg dhantar oleh member, d cni aku ingin bkongsi isinya..

To : All UTP's community

Peace Gathering Against Israeli Attack

Date : 16 January 2009


2.00 pm - Gather in front of Masjid Annur

2.15 pm - Speech by speakers

2.30 pm - The crowd march to Chancellor Complex

2.45 pm - Arrived at Chancellor Complex
- Speech by speakers

3.15 pm - Mock cheque to press representative

3.30 pm - Adjourn

* for female muslim, they are encouraged to perform Zuhr prayer at old mosque
** for non muslim, please gather at Chancellor Complex by 2.30 pm

White attire

The organizing committee already established Safety Squad to control the crowd. The Safety Squad will wear red attire together with red head band.
Please make sure there are no political party flag, attire, cap, or anything that can relate to those political party. PETRONAS is really strict with that.

kalo la aku da ade kt utp, boley gak merasa gathering ini. esk br bertolak balik.doakan keselamatan perjalananku.2nd year 2nd semester is coming~~

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