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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

just not yet

Love according to science. There have been all kinds of studies done. People are more attracted to people with symmetrical features. And symmetrical men smell better to women. Also, people who have similar genetic traits are attached to each other.

Terbace entry cikepal pasal cinta tak kesampaian. Kat sini.

Pernah jugak berada di situasi cik epal. Sekali terfikir, wow, hebat betul aku kalo bab-bab confess tapi malu jugak la weh! Tapi betul jugak apa yang dikatakan,tak kesahlah dia suka balik ke tak, as long as dia tau kite suke dia and I think I have done my part. Yang lain tawakkal, ada jodoh Allah izinkan. Hoyeah, Oredi got the positive side of berani confess ni. Tapi, tak payahlah confess-confess ni. Kesah kite pun tak jadi complicated. Ini siriyus! hoho.

Cinta bertepuk sebelah tangan ke sebelah kaki ke, still memeritkan. Tambah-tambah kalo satu pihak saja meletakkan harapan untuk setia, manakala satu pihak lagi hanya pandai bermain tarik tali. Tapi better bertepuk sebelah tangan dulu la kot. It's better to have secret admire. For me, secret admirer is my inspiration to work harder. Although he has nothing to do with my studies. heh~ Mujahadah member aku cakap.

Secret admire, meaning that we won't expect he will love us back. Because if you expect something, you're sure to be disappointed. Let's be the best muslimah, and let Allah do the rest. Put your hand to your chest, whisper to your heart, Allah know who is waiting for you. Just believe in Him. Your time is not yet come. Just be patient and be the best slave to Him. He will give us the best other half. I'm not encouraging readers to have secret admire. But, learn how to handle it. And so do I, still learning to handle the feelings.

The love story is just not yet started. Hopefully it will start beautifully and end with the bless of Allah.

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