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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

wardrobe : wide-leg pants

In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful

Since Mr. Idea and Ms. Mood are around, I will grab the chance to ramble here.

Being an unemployed is such a great pleasure for me. I can sleep late. I can wake up late. But sometimes, I become restless when thinking about my future work. *restless sigh*

Since being unemployed, almost everyday I watch Korean variety show (Korean wave effect punye pasal). Besides of getting the entertainment, I am also learning the Korean language (just a little la).

Seohyun SNSD (source: Soshified)

She is wearing striped long sleeve top with a pleated wide-leg pants. I had fall in love with her outfits. She is spotted wearing this outfits during the Big Brothers show in KBS2. You can watch the show in youtube.

I love the pants, it makes her legs look longer. Lagipun tak ketat, it is suitable to wear for a muslim. The material pun different from jeans. Sape-sape nak try style baru instead of jeans je, boleh la try this pants. I'm looking forward for this type of pants. *drool*

wide-leg pants (source : Stylehive)

Inilah pants yang saya maksudkan. Simple but nice. I have googled about the pants, these are some of the pattern for the wide-leg pants, you can click here . Macam-macam pesen ada. Silalah mencuci mata (window shopping). ^^

This pants will be kept in the wishlist of outfits, in order to achieve the wishlist of 2012. (improve my fashion-wise) hehe.


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Lady Emilya said... [Reply to comment]

nice lahh that pants ^^

anNaqia said... [Reply to comment]

kan? ehe~
boleh la try pakai nanti. :)

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