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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Nina in Japan

Lately, i like to continuously browse through YouTube. There is one channel that makes me want to click the YouTube button everyday (siap favouritekan lagi tau) which is Nina in Japan channel.

This cute lil girl, is so adorable. Her father is from California while her mother is Japanese. She lives in Japan. Her father initially upload the video of Nina, just to show the progress of Nina's life to his relatives in US. But then, the channel become so famous. And me, one of the Nina's fan. Heh~

I started to know Nina from the Facebook, which one of my friend, uploaded the video of Nina. Hit the button here to watch it. Her father ask in English, and she can understand it, and answer it in Japanese. Brilliant kan?

She is now, if I've not mistaken, 5 years old. She is a Japanese girl that can understand English and Japan very well. The family kind of video, drag me to, watch all of the videos. The father is so big fan of her. The way the father and mother teaches her is so cool. You will know it, if you watch all the video of Nina.

The girl know how to appreciate her father and mother although, she is too young to understand it. What I can quote from her, "The beach is good. But it is not as good as Papa and Mama." Heh~ watch it, you will found out the quote.

One more thing that made me keep on watching the video is because, her fluffiness is resembles my lil sista. Here she is.

My lil sista. Fluffy kan? hik~

For me, the videos teach me how to become good parents. Japanese always full of modesty. That's what we call, live and learn. Live in the video, learn from the video. Kalo korang bukak youtube, ape yang korang tengok eh? Cube kongsi-kongsi sket. :)

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Syasya Johan said... [Reply to comment]

wah,,so cute.btw, saya tak kenal dia *lame

anNaqia said... [Reply to comment]

Syasya Johan: haha. no lah. that's not lame. just google it, u will know more about her. :)

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