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Saturday, January 8, 2011

packing time


It's the time.
Mr Google's

Packing time la babe.
Sob sob sob.
A bit sad.
Maybe because of the weather. (heh~)
Non-stop raining.
Taking shower about 15 minutes a day lately.
Note : Only once a day. (haha~)
Winterlah, cannot mandi more than once.

Oh, tomorrow will be going back to the beloved university.
Main-main time is up.
My class will start on 24th.
Yes, a BIT early.
The Final-Year-Project thingy lah.
Need to grind-polish-inspect the material.
The software need to be learned.
Hope everything's gonna be OK. (amin~)

Please pray for us for tomorrow's journey.
May Allah ease our journey.
Rabbi yassir wala tu'assir Ya Kareem.

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