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Monday, September 22, 2008

when i've met this blog again! haha

it has been a long time not writing here. i almost forgot, that i've own a blog! haha. hmm, there a lot of things happened in my life. till now, i'm glad that i'm still here.Alhamdulillah,thank God~ at this moment, i'm supposed to study fluid mechanics 1! naqiah2, apa nk jd la kamu nih! huhu.

siyesly, balik kg time is around d corner. it grabs my cncentration a 'Bit'. ;P this blog was from when i'm taken n now, i'm single back! d hafiz thingy has been left last semester. mm, my life always changing according to what The Almighty want. syukur, Alhamdulillah~

though this week is the most waiting week, but, i'm still hv load of works to do. huhu. the kembara sufi thingy, tomorrow will be the roadshow for it. i've got 2 test! engineering materials & fluid mechanics 1. 1 more lab before goin back~ raya is the most waiting time for me. although the duit raya is not much as i've got during my childhood.huhu.

my heart sumtimes thinking about him. hurm,, hope u'll b fine n can get what u want. may Allah bless u both. i'm happy to hv them as my past, though there are certain things that's annoyed me~ forget d past, 'keep moving forward' lewis robinson said. hope in the future, i'll meet the person like u both. =)

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