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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

So close yet so far

Hi readers!

I am back today. Just got back from volleyball tournament, and we lost.
It's a good experience though.

After taking dinner, I watched tv, and overheard that my housemate is crying.
It is so sad. I've faced the situation before.

And, the sadness made me want to blog.

I am 28, and I am not yet married or single lah.

When I see people around me, who is younger than me, got married so easily somehow it makes me sad.

People who don't see marriage is a lubuk pahala, of course they really don't care. And even make fun of me because I want to get married.

People said, the one who always talked about to get married, will marry last. The statement really bad. Why don't you pray for him/her? Tak salah pun kan?  Is it wrong if I want to get married?
Yes, life is not about getting married, got so many other things to do. But does the thing you do will last forever? No right?

I am still young, yes, second that. But, I will never be forever  28. Kan?

Another thing, that made me sad is, when you are stuck with tarik-tali-guy.
It is stressful.

When he cooked you your favourite dishes, is it because he wants to show his skill?
I wonder if it has meaning behind it.

When he waited for you at the summit of Gunung Kinabalu, took picture with you. Do you think, he is just there to take picture with everyone else?

When he tag you at the house to rent advertisement when you tell him that you want to find a new house. Do you think he is just being nice?

When he smile at you different from before, is it because he is in a good mood?

When people said that we got something between us, is it because we are always hanging out together like friends always do?

I am seriously confused. Am I the one who is perasan, or he is the one who is afraid of his own feelings?

I am so afraid to think what will happen next.

I don't know, who is my jodoh, when will be my time to get married.

I just want to remind you who read this, please respect people's view.
For you, getting married is bullshit, but it may not be a shit for some people.

Please don't make fun of others, as you may not know, finding a partner-for-life might be a real struggle for some people.

Please pray for the one who wants to get married. You may don't want to get married, it is your choice. Just doa yang baik-baik won't hurt you pun kan?

After so many heartbreaks,I am sincerely hoping that I will meet my one and only man who is serious with me and happily wants  to live with me for the rest of his life.

I hope, I can be the best wife to my man, the best mother and teacher to my children.

Just remember, your life is different from others. Don't compare and don't judge. You may don't know, the heartbreak that one is faced.

Allah, one after another ujianMu. Mudahkanlah, jangan Kau susahkan.


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an.najjah said... [Reply to comment]

Hi Quyah! Aaminn ya rabbal alamin. Pray the best for you sister! Any update pls?

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