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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Little girl and calculator

In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful

As usual, before going back home, I will perform my Asar prayer at the surau near to my office. Whilst preparing myself to take ablution, I noticed one little cute girl wearing tudung. At that time, I saw her playing with her sling bag, waiting quietly for her mother. Little girl whose wearing tudung is very cute!

Source : Mr Google

After taking ablution, I saw her holding a mobile phone. It was small, thin and looks like a smart phone. I really wanted to see the gadget. After some investigation made, the smart-phone-like gadget was actually a calculator! Well, sometimes curiosity is not killing the cat.

Children's imagination is so beautiful. The calculator can substitute the gadget. But, at the same time, I pity her. Children shouldn't be influenced by the technology. They should enjoy their wonderland before getting into the real land. She is supposed to play with a doll, instead of a calculator.

Canggih manggih kanak-kanak sekarang.

Maybe we, as the soon-to-be parents, should know and learn how to educate the children. The technology evolving too fast. Hence, the children's mind also need to be developed accordingly. Don't educate children by bribing the gadget to them. It won't help them, well maybe certain thing can help. But, bersederhanalah said the Prophet s.a.w.

p/s : Twin tower, a place with variety of people. *bemused*

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aisya said... [Reply to comment]

betul3. kanak2 sekarang ni disogokkan dgn gadget2.. bukan yg biasa2 pulak tu.. ipad la, mcm2.. hmmm

anNaqia said... [Reply to comment]

aisya: kan aisya? huu. boleh nk bagi ipad ke iphone ke, segala mcm i lah, tp, bagilah time kanak2 tu da boleh bezakan yg baik dan buruk. berpada-padalah. huhu. risau jgk, kte nti jadi parents cemane la kn?

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