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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Chong, the black cat

In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful

Date : 10th January 2012
A beautiful late afternoon with Chong, the black cat with white socks. (look carefully at his feet)

It was started here, where my little cat, Chong playing jovially in the mailbox.

The playground

After a while, he came out from the mailbox and looking at me (read : camera) curiously. He stood-still when I was busy snapping his picture. (Macam tau-tau je orang nak amek gambar dia. hehe)

Scanning thoroughly

The yellow eyes

The blink

Analyzing patiently 

The pose

After that, he became bored, and he started to move around. Looking around, maybe seeking for another playground.

The back

"Oh, yes! Target locked." said Chong.

The catwalk

"Hoyeah! My new playground is at the leaves area. Could you please leave me alone?"  said Chong to me.

The leaves

Haha. It just my nonsensical imagination. (Kalau betul-betul dia bercakap, mau terkejut ambo nanti. ehe~)
It was indeed a calming day for me to play around with the cat.
By the way, do you know that by having pets, you can reduce stress? Click here for more details.

p/s: Do you have pets? :)

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jahajahatable said... [Reply to comment]

comel kucing....kenapa name die chong?

teha said... [Reply to comment]

hahaha ! comel sngt time die blink ! ;)

anNaqia said... [Reply to comment]

jahajahatable, name chong tu adik sy yg bg. dia just men letak je. janji senang nk panggil. hehe

tehe, hehe. time ni tibe-tibe je dia pandai nak main-main mata. :)

MeeRole said... [Reply to comment]

Hok alohh..comey chong demo..

anNaqia said... [Reply to comment]

timo kasih la. tp gak, bakpo hok aloh? haha.

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