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Friday, February 10, 2012

My trifle

In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful

Trifle is a dessert dish from thick  (or often solidified) custard, fruit, sponge cake, fruit juice or gelatin and whipped cream. Trifle is one of English pudding that fall under creamy pudding cluster. -From Wikipedia website

A few days ago, I've decided to make trifle or also called as puding trifle. I searched the web for the recipe. Apparently, the process of making trifle is not complicated. Hence, I give it a try. 

For the ingredients, all you need are swiss roll, fruit cocktail, jelly (optional), evaporated milk, water, sugar, custard powder and whipped cream. These ingredients will be arranged in alternating layer. You can made it layer by layer.

  • First layer - swiss roll
  • Second layer - custard
  • Third layer - jelly (optional)
  • Fourth layer - whipped cream

For the full process, you can click here. Since my first try was successful despite the soft texture, I would like to share the pictures of my trifle.

Before adding the whipped cream

Top view of Trifle

My first try

It is simple and delicious. It can beat the yummy-ness of an ice-cream. (yeah, exaggeration sometimes is needed. hehe) Let's give it a try.

p/s: Honestly, seeing people enjoying your hand-made food is such a great feelings.

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whitecappuccino said... [Reply to comment]

yummmy2!!love trifle or any pudding!!

anNaqia said... [Reply to comment]

same with me! cuma xreti wat sendiri je. hihi.

Youhazreenda said... [Reply to comment]

yummy!!! sedapnyaaa!!

Azek zk said... [Reply to comment]

mcm sedap jer.

Cik tikah said... [Reply to comment]


anNaqia said... [Reply to comment]

youhazreenda, ehe. tryla wat! :)

azek zk, hehe. kena sendiri rasa, baru tau sedap ke tak.

cik tikah, hehe. yeah, yummy and simple. boleh je nak wat kat utp tu. :)

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