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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Are you happy?

In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful  

When I was relaxing in my room waiting for Asar prayer, I flipped through my old collection of Cleo. An English magazine that I've been reading since 2006. There is one topic that I would like to share with you readers. It is about 'How to be happy inside out'. It's captured my attention because I feel quite sad lately. So, for those who are in sadness and grief, this is for you.

These are what I've extracted from Cleo (September 2011 Issue no. 191).
Research has shown that happiness has more to do on how we choose to think about the world and ourselves. Here the tips to start living your best life:

  • Surround yourself with positive people - to get 'emotional contagion'
  • Drop a note - write 'choose happiness' on a post-it note and stick it in a  place that you'll see everyday
  • Treat yourself to a gift - retail therapy sometimes can be the best medicine to happiness
  • Be grateful and appreciate what you have - quit focusing on what you don't have
  • Plan a holiday - having something to look forward to will get you through long days in the office

There are many more things that we can do. Some tips that I can add to be calm and happy, read Al-Quran the syifa', the best antidote for Muslim. Always telling Allah all the grief that we've got. As Allah s.w.t is the Best Listener of all. (If we are Muslim, we should act and practice like one.)

Source: Spread Salam

Let's get that genuine smile on your face for real instead of a fake grin. :)

p/s: Note to myself too. :)

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Tasha said... [Reply to comment]

good sharing :)

anNaqia said... [Reply to comment]

thank you tasha! :)

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