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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

of kaki bangku

sejak dari kecik smpai la sekeding ini, ku jarang yang amat bersukan. mungkin dulu ku selalu sakit2, sampaikan nafsu nak bersukan tu xde.

dan sekarang, when i had the title of intern or trainee, i have to be the one that always can be the backup. hoho~

and below is the list of the 'sports', hehe.

  • bola jaring - penah maen time form 2 dlu.
  • bola tampar penah maen time lower form dlu
  • futsal - xpenah2 maen before this
  • boling - penah maen masa umo 20 dlu
so, bila da kaki bangku cmni, mn la ley harapkan me to perform excellently kan? i'm always be the corot one. aigu2.

i dunno y, i'm always the worse player if i joined any sports. isk~ malu eden.

sometimes it knocks me down, until i felt that there is nothing special bout me. seriously, i feel hurt inside.

it is easier to protect your feet with slippers than to cover the earth with carpet. *___*

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